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Published: Tuesday 23rd August 11

Tell us how you think the council could deliver local services more efficiently, and how communities could get more involved, in our new Wandsworth Challenge online survey.

The survey asks whether organisations other than the council should be able to provide council services, whether residents should be able to pick and chose from a 'menu' of services, and whether local people should have more say in planning and delivering services.

The survey is part of an ongoing discussion with people who live, work and study in the borough about the Wandsworth Challenge. The challenge is an ambitious programme to transform the way council services are delivered and help local communities do more to help themselves.

So far the council has worked to decrease staff and management costs, form new partnerships with other organisations, lobbied central government for more local powers over housing and education, introduced joined-up support for vulnerable families and increased the amount of services that can be accessed online.

In return, the community has risen to the challenge by reducing household waste, joining neighbourhood watches, increasing volunteering and working with the council on a 'Big Society' solution to save York Gardens Library.

Local people are also working together more effectively as communities - a trend especially noticeable after the riots earlier this month. As well as the famous 'broom army', residents have organised fund-raising events, started community composting and shredding schemes, created community gardens and held street parties.

Going into the future, the challenge hopes to empower communities to get more involved in services provision at a local level, such as providing on-street cycle parking or grit bins, or tending local flower-beds and trees. We want to find out if you would like such powers, and what other community improvements you and your neighbours would like to carry out.

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Don't be fooled! The Council are just looking to cut more services and sack more staff, throwing them on the dole. Proper council services are needed for the poor and vulnerable of this borough and cannot be provided by "volunteers".
Longtime resident

23 August 2011