Thamesfield by-election polling stations

Published: Wednesday 29th June 11

Thamesfield ward residents preparing to cast their ballots in tomorrow’s (Thursday 29 June) by-election will be voting in the same four polling stations used at the May referendum.

The locations are:

  • All Saints Church, Putney Common
  • The Platt Christian Centre, 22 Felsham Road, near Kingsmere Close
  • Putney Library, Disraeli Road
  • Brandlehow Nursery School, entrance from Skelgill Road, junction with Fawe Park Road

Polling stations will be open tomorrow between 7am and 10pm.

Poll cards have been hand delivered to every eligible voter and include details of which polling station they should use. Poll card letters were sent last week to residents who registered late in the day.

People who are entitled to vote but have mislaid their poll card or letters can still vote by telling polling station staff their name and address. As long as their name appears on the electoral register they can cast their ballot.

If residents are unsure about which polling station to use they can find out by visiting the electoral services' pages on the council's website and keying in their full postcode -

Alternatively people can find out their local polling station by calling (020) 8871 6023. This number can also be used to check whether your name appears on the electoral register.

Those residents who were sent a postal vote and have not yet returned it by post can deliver it to any of the four polling stations on polling day, or return it to the town hall by 10pm. If the postal votes are not received before 10pm on polling day then they won't be counted.

For more information call the electoral services team on (020) 8871 6023 or email or visit


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