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Published: Tuesday 28th June 11

Commuters are being urged to sign an online petition set up by the council to call for extra peak time District Line trains.

Earlier this year tube bosses announced that they planned to discontinue weekday services to Olympia . This would relieve pressure on Earls Court station and allow up to five additional morning rush hour trains to be provided on the Wimbledon line.

But residents and businesses near Olympia have been campaigning against the changes and are on the brink of overturning the proposals.

Wandsworth's transport spokesman Cllr Russell King is urging as many residents as possible to sign the petition before the end of the consultation period on July 15.

"We want London Underground to understanding the strength of feeling in Wandsworth," he said.

"Commuters travelling into Earls Court from Putney Bridge, East Putney, Southfields and other stations south of the river are sick of being herded in like cattle. We need these five extra morning peak time trains."

The District Line service to Olympia  is used by less than 2,500 people a day, but causes delays to all other District line services through Earl's Court. 

Introducing the proposed changes would provide capacity for an additional 4,000 people on the Wimbledon line in the morning peak and an extra 800 people to Ealing Broadway in the evening 

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It's shame that it has now come to this level that londoners are now fighting each other for the inefficiencies of TFL. Kindly try to look into the details what TFL is proposing before supprting the petition. Just 5 more trains for almost 70 taken from Olympia line. In addition, people from Olympia would use Wimbledon service by changing at West Brompton making congestion worse. In total, it's olympia today and could be wandsworth tomorrow for Ealing Broadway or Richmond. We londoners should demand better service but not at the cost of service curtailment to other services. We pay one of the most expensive fares in whole of Europe. It's time not to fight among ourselves but be united and ask TFL some serious and logical questions.
k jones

4 July 2011

The roads are at maximum capacty already, and if you consider all the road works or accidents that happen on a daily basis, they are over capacity forcing travellers to take the train. Also with the populations' effort to reduce carbon emissions there is no other option but to take the tube, bus, walk or ride. Therefore, it is incomprehensible not to make the tube services more effective and to support the maximum number of users furthest away first who share most of the burden and for whom it is not easy to walk. Those who can walk, ride or bus should. Those from Olypmia should be expected to walk first before people in Wandsworth, especially since it is far less travelled on. Otherwise we have no choice but to continue to take cars.
Nancy Court

30 June 2011