Teachers urged to abandon strike

Published: Tuesday 28th June 11

The council’s education spokesman Kathy Tracey has called on teachers at the borough’s schools to ignore calls for strike action this Thursday and come to work as normal.

Cllr Tracey said she hoped that members of both the National Union of Teachers (NUT) and the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) would attend classrooms as normal and ensure that the education of local children would not suffer.

She said: "We are calling on teachers to ignore Thursday's strike call and work as normal.

"Taking industrial action will cause a great deal of disruption to pupils and parents and there is a risk that teachers will be seen to be more interested in protecting their own interests than they are in supporting their pupils and giving them the education they deserve.

"There are still negotiations going on between the Government and the unions and so it is premature and unnecessary for any strike action to be staged while those talks are still happening.

"It is important that while the talks are ongoing and there is a possibility that an agreement can be reached, that teachers do not allow themselves to be used by unions chiefs who may be seeking to make a wider political point."

It is expected that unless teachers ignore the strike call many of Wandsworth's 79 schools will be closed to all pupils, although some, including most of the borough's special schools, will be operating either as normal or at be least partially open.

The council will be publishing details of which schools are affected as soon as the details become available at www.wandsworth.gov.uk/schools, so that parents can make alternative childcare arrangements if necessary. Parents are also being strongly advised to check their school's website on Wednesday evening and also if possible on Thursday morning.


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As a teacher I signed a contract many years ago agreeing to pay in a propotion of my salafy to secure a pension at the end of my employment. I expect both sides of this agreement to honour it. If this needs renegotiating, then negotiate do not dictate and compensate those who are loosing out at a mutually agreed rate. Contracts do need renegotiating but the word is negotiate. That is why I support the strike.
Tom Frank

29 June 2011

According to today's Guardian "MPs have the most generous final salary pension scheme in the country. They get a choice of contribution levels – the more they contribute the more the state puts into their pension. Many people accrue benefits at a rate of 1/80th of their final salary for every year they have belonged to their scheme (or 1/60th at the most) but some MPs can accrue at a rate of up to 1/40th of final salary. In this year's budget, chancellor George Osborne accepted the recommendations made in Hutton's report and added: "I believe this House should also recommend similar changes to the pensions of MPs." However, no date has been set for this and there are unlikely to be any changes this year." But teachers.... not so?
Celia Blair

28 June 2011