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Published: Tuesday 31st May 11

Apply now for a chance to take a trip around the new recycling plant in Wandsworth on June 22.

The council has arranged the trip to mark Recycle Week. The first 20 people to sign up will be taken around the Western Riverside Waste Authority's newly-built Materials Recycling Facility (MRF), opened earlier this year by the Princess Royal.

The new facility means that all plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays can now go in orange sacks and orange-lidded recycling banks.

This has been welcomed by the council, because it cuts rubbish disposal costs, and saves council tax payers' money.

The visit will give a group of local people a chance to see what happens to their recycling after they put it in an orange sack or orange-lidded bank. The MRF sorts the materials, which are then sent off to be made into new products.  

  • Paper is made into newspapers
  • Glass bottles and jars are crushed into fine sand for use in paving
  • Plastic bottles can be made into fleece clothing or underground pipes
  • Cans become new cans

Find out more about where your recycling goes at

Find out about Recycle Week at

The trip will be at 12.30pm and will last about an hour. If you would like to go, email

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i would like to see how the system works because it doesnot work on our estate
antony arthur

31 May 2011

I am very interested in visiting your recycling plant on 22nd June.
Andy Shaw

31 May 2011