New cabinet gets down to business

Published: Friday 27th May 11

Wandsworth’s newly appointed cabinet team has met for the first time under the leadership of the borough’s new council leader Ravi Govindia.

Wandsworth council's new cabinet The new cabinet met on Monday night to discuss a range of issues and begin the work on delivering the radical new reforms that have been identified as priorities by Cllr Govindia.

Wandsworth's new leader has promised to lead a "radical reform" of housing by giving greater priority to working households while also helping first time buyers onto the property ladder.

He has also vowed to encourage more Free Schools in deprived parts of the borough as part of an agenda that will focus on delivering increased choice and opportunity.

Cllr Govindia said: "I want Wandsworth to be a borough synonymous with choice, opportunity and aspiration.

"I want young people in Wandsworth to have the choice of owning a stake in their home. I want parents to have the choice about which school to send their child and I want to find ways of letting more homes on local estates to people who are working to encourage self-help and investment in the local economy.

"This talented cabinet team will be working hard alongside me in delivering these goals."

The new cabinet comprises Shaftesbury ward councillor Jonathan Cook, who is the new deputy leader of the council. He will also serve as cabinet member for environment and culture.

Cllr Russell King, who represents Balham ward has responsibility for strategic planning and transportation, while fellow Balham councillor Paul Ellis has the housing portfolio.

Cllr Kathy Tracey has retained her cabinet remit for education and children's services, while Cllr Guy Senior has switched from housing to finance and corporate resources.

Cllr James Cousins remains as cabinet member for health, community safety and partnerships while Cllr Jim Maddan remains in charge of adult care services. Cllr Nick Cuff will continue to serve as planning applications chairman while Bedford ward Cllr Alex Jacob is the administration's new chief whip.

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Yes, indeed we women are hardly represented at all. What an insult to at least 50% of the community? Has it ever been this one-sided? I hope that the new leader didn't select the "cabinet" but if he did he should reflect on this very poor, insensitive decision.
Celia Blair

31 May 2011

I've spotted a woman in the cabinet. Some mistake surely?
Gillian Wightwick

29 May 2011