What do you think of localism?

Published: Wednesday 25th May 11

The council is asking people what they think about the Localism Bill.

The bill has at its heart the idea that people should have more control over what happens in their local area and be more actively involved in dealing with local concerns.

It comes at a time when all parts of the public sector are reducing spending as part of efforts to tackle the national budget deficit.

Wandsworth wants to know:  

  • What people think about opportunities for local power contained in the bill
  • Whether they think the legislation will be effective in its aims
  • How they feel about the way spending reductions are being delivered in Wandsworth

The survey can be found on our online panel website Wandsworth Matters. This is a voluntary online panel which aims to give local people a voice and provide feedback to the council about important local issues. It is aimed at people who want to have their say, but do not wish to participate in more traditional consultation methods, such as public meetings.  

All results are fed back into the council's decision-making processes and will be used to inform future policies on issues such as service provision. You do not have to live in Wandsworth to take part - the views of business people, visitors and students are also welcome.

To take part go to www.wandsworthmatters.co.uk/uc/localism1a_May2011

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