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Published: Thursday 28th April 11

Wandsworth is celebrating next week’s 11th annual Compost Awareness Week by offering special offers on compost bins and shredders.

Composting kitchen and garden waste at home can cut rubbish by around a third, helps to avoid garden waste collection charges or trips to the dump and gives you a free supply of eco-friendly peat-free compost. The less rubbish that has to be taken away, the lower the council's disposal costs - helping to keep council tax low.

Compost can be made from uncooked vegetables and peelings, salad, old fruit, tea bags, coffee grounds, plant trimmings, grass cuttings, dead leaves, and dead bunches of flowers.  Woodier material can be composted easily if it is put through a garden waste shredding machine first and suitable kitchen waste can be collected easily using a kitchen caddy container. 

Wandsworth residents can buy a 220 litre composter for £15, a 330 litre one for £18 and/or a kitchen caddy for £5.25 (plus £5.49 delivery).  Wormeries, and indoor composters enabling households without gardens to compost their kitchen waste are also available. 

For more information and advice on home composting, making your own container and the products available under the council's special offer, visit  Products can also be ordered by calling 0845 130 60 90.

Shredders are available for £99.95 and £149.95 - £20 off the recommended retail price. Find out more at

The council will consider helping groups of neighbours buy a composter or shredder for shared use through its Eco-fund. Find out more at

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