Council website to take advertising

Published: Wednesday 27th April 11

The council will shortly be accepting advertising on its website The revenue this creates will be used to help keep council tax low.

Councillors have agreed the policy and a strict set of guidelines has been drawn up clarifying what types of advertising will, and will not, be accepted. Advertisements for tobacco products, alcohol, gambling and political parties will be among those that will be turned away.

Advertisements will not be allowed to detract from the appearance of the site, slow the site down or be bigger than clearly set specifications.

An independent advertising representative will be selling space on a commission-only basis, and will be focusing on local companies in order to help promote Wandsworth's shops and businesses.

Advertisements will be vetted by a member of the council's staff before they go live to ensure they do not breach the guidelines. The council will retain the right to decline any advertisement as it sees fit.

Wandsworth is one of a growing band of local authorities that are using their websites to host advertising. If done carefully, it can generate revenue without detracting from the site.

Cabinet member for finance and corporate resources, Cllr Maurice Heaster, said:

"Offering website advertising will bring income into the council from the commercial sector and will help us maintain services whilst keeping council tax low.

"As part of the Wandsworth Challenge we are finding new and innovative ways to provide services, and I believe borough residents will understand that we can no longer turn down the steady stream of revenue this will provide.

"Website users can be assured that this will not detract from our website. We are constantly improving, and over the coming months will be making it easier to access services and make payments 24/7.

"And council tax payers can be assured that every penny generated from website advertising will go towards reducing the burden on them."

Potential advertisers should contact Joanna Kettle on (020) 8871 7266.


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Wandsworth BC already has millions in its coffers - enough to buy 2 hospital sites for "free schools". There are 3 council owned properties in my area that are "surplus to requirements" too. Of course advertising will influence this site's integrity. I think this is a sad step to take. The look of Brightside was altered when adverts began to appear there.
Celia Blair

27 April 2011

So it is not acceptable to take advertising money from Tobacco companies, but it is ok to invest in them?

27 April 2011