Proxy vote for people who fall ill

Published: Tuesday 26th April 11

People who find that they cannot vote in next month’s referendum on changes to the country’s electoral system because they suddenly fall ill or become medically incapacitated are still able to apply for a proxy vote.

Anyone who wishes to apply for a proxy vote under these circumstances has until 5pm on polling day itself - Thursday, May 5 - to request one. This application will need to be accompanied by a signed medical certificate outlining the reasons why a proxy is required.

People who request this option must ensure that their proxy is able to attend their specific polling station on the day of the vote. Polling stations will be open between 7am and 10pm.

Proxy vote application forms are available from the Electoral Services reception in the town hall. The entrance is in Fairfield Street and the reception is open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

The application forms can also be downloaded electronically from the council's website at Alternatively people can call (020) 8871 6023 or email

People entitled to vote in the referendum are those born in this country, plus Commonwealth citizens and those from British overseas territories. In addition, citizens of Cyprus, Malta and the Republic of Ireland can also cast their ballot. Citizens of other European Union countries are not eligible.

People who take part in the referendum will be asked whether they favour the existing "first past the post" arrangements or if they would prefer the "alternative vote" system.

For more information about the referendum itself, people can read the booklet produced by independent elections watchdog The Electoral Commission, which is being sent to every household in the UK.

People can also find out more about the referendum by visiting  

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