Deadline looms for town centre survey

Published: Tuesday 22nd February 11

Residents, businesses and visitors have until midnight on Monday 28 February to register their opinions about Wandsworth Town centre and so help shape its future.

The town centre has been transformed in recent years with the opening of a new town centre library, the replacement of the Arndale Centre with Southside and a host of other redevelopments in Hardwick's Way, Smuggler's Way, Buckhold Road, South Thames College and overlooking King George's Park.

These developments have brought new retail, leisure, residential, employment and educational opportunities to the town centre and acted as magnets for new investment.

That regeneration process is continuing with a host of exciting new plans for hotels, homes, shops, offices and restaurants in locations like East Hill, the Wandsworth Business Village in Broomhill Road and above the Sainsbury's store in Garratt Lane . Fresh planning applications are also being considered for the as yet undeveloped part of the Southside shopping centre in Garratt Lane. 

Now the Wandsworth Town Centre Partnership, which is made up of representatives from the council, the business community and local amenity groups wants to establish what other aspirations local people have for their town centre.

The views generated by an online survey will be used to decide the priorities of the partnership board and the Wandsworth town centre manager over the next three years.

To take part in the survey and make sure your voice is heard visit

Everyone who takes part will be entered into a prize draw for ten pairs of tickets to Cineworld, or the survey can be completed anonymously.  


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