Facelift for Garratt Lane

Published: Monday 21st February 11

Plans to transform a long derelict site in Wandsworth Town into a new wing of the Southside Shopping Centre have been approved.

Garratt Lane SouthsideThe site, which stretches more than 100 metres along Garratt Lane , currently contains the shell of a semi demolished building and is cut off from the street by a high security fence. 

The completed scheme will create a three storey building running the full length of the site, joining up with the existing shopping centre at the southern end. 

At street level it will provide a row of glass fronted shops and restaurants along Garratt Lane, with an outdoor seating area on the first floor.

The surrounding pavement and street fixtures will also be upgraded as part of the scheme.

Planning applications committee chairman Nick Cuff said:

"This will be a huge improvement to this part of Garratt Lane - in its present state the site is nothing short of an eyesore and local people will be relieved to hear it's finally due for a facelift.

"The new shops and restaurants will reactivate this part of the town centre while providing hundreds of new job opportunities. It's another shot in the arm for the area's regeneration."

The Garratt Lane scheme will be the first phase of Metro Shopping Fund's Southside Shopping Centre investment strategy.

Wandsworth Town has benefitted from of wave on new investment over the last few years including the opening of a new town centre library, Metro Shopping Fund's replacement of the Arndale Centre with Southside and a host of other redevelopments in Hardwick's Way, Smuggler's Way, Buckhold Road, South Thames College and overlooking King George's Park.

These schemes have brought new retail, leisure, residential, employment and educational opportunities to the town centre and acted as magnets for new investment.

That regeneration process is picking up pace with a host of exciting new plans for hotels, homes, shops, offices and restaurants in locations like East Hill, the Wandsworth Business Village in Broomhill Road and above the Sainsbury's store in Garratt Lane.

The combined value of these investments in now well in excess of £1bn.

The planning application was approved on Thursday 10 February by the council's planning applications committee. To view the documents in full visit www.wandsworth.gov.uk/planning; reference number 2011/5205. 

For further information on Wandsworth town centre visit www.wandsworth.gov.uk/towncentres.

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Recent comments

It's a push in the right direction. This will hopefully improve the route from the High Street creating activty (and hopefully business and employment opportunities for local people) and bringing people outside instead of being forced along the existing horrible blank facade and vehicle access point or into the sterile (and restricted) shopping centre. I hope these places stay open late, that restaurants or cafes spread to the empty public space on the Wandsworth High Street side and make the area truely inviting, to all people at all times.

22 February 2011

Concentrate on Tooting town centre. The council forgets that there are other parts of the borough in need of more attention than already prosperous Wandsworth. Shops in Tooting - the poorer end of Garratt Lane - consist largely of pound discount stores. It's an embarrassment for everyone really.

22 February 2011

Should be a massive improvement,glad it is only 3 storeys.
Brian Nixon

21 February 2011