First glimpse of new station entrance

Published: Thursday 17th February 11

Passengers have been given their first glimpse of how Clapham Junction's Brighton Yard entrance will look following a multi-million pound makeover which will improve accessibility and reduce congestion at the station.

CJ new entranceThe project is being funded by Network Rail, Wandsworth Council, Department for Transport, South West Trains and Transport for London.

Work is now underway to restore the entrance, which has not been used for over half a century, to provide an easier way into one of Britain's busiest stations from St John's Hill.

The completed scheme will include new ticketing facilities, travel information screens and passenger toilets in a fully refurbished ticket hall, together with new shops. Outside the building a taxi and car pick-up and drop-off point is being created and cycle racks for up to 72 bikes are being installed.

The new entrance will provide an alternative way into the station for those coming from St John's Hill, helping to reduce congestion significantly in the subway and main entrance.

It will also provide a step-free route into the station, making it fully accessible to people with reduced mobility. This marks the completion of the £10.5m Access For All scheme at the station, which has also seen nine lifts installed between the over bridge and all platforms.

Councillor Ravi Govindia, Wandsworth Council's transport spokesman said: "This project will make it much easier for disabled people to pass through the station and could ease overcrowding in the subway tunnel by as much as 25 per cent. This will be very welcome news to the thousands of passengers who cram through it everyday on their way to and from work. It certainly won't solve all of station's problems, but reopening Brighton Yard is a big step in the right direction."

Transport Minister Norman Baker said: "As train travel continues to grow in popularity, it's vital everyone can access the railways and that's why the Government is supporting disabled passengers through our Access for All scheme which aims to make railway stations more accessible and our National Stations Improvement Programme, which aims to modernise stations across the network.

"These schemes have enabled us to support this redesign of Clapham Junction's Brighton Yard entrance with £700,000 of funding."

Richard O'Brien, Network Rail's route director for Wessex, said: "The new Brighton Yard entrance will transform the way people use one of the busiest stations in the country. It will make the station easier for everyone to use, particularly those with reduced mobility, heavy luggage or young children, and help reduce congestion as anyone coming from St John's Hill can use the over bridge rather than the subway."

Jake Kelly, commercial director for South West Trains, said: "We want to make it as easy as possible for all passengers to access our train services. We are therefore extremely pleased to be playing our part in delivering this significant improvement scheme, which we know will make a huge difference to the millions of passengers using Clapham Junction each year."

Geoff Hobbs, Transport for London's head of rail strategy said: "With so many people walking, cycling or using the bus to get to Clapham Junction station, the new entrance will mean more integrated journeys and significantly improved access for passengers. The cycle racks in particular will increase cycle parking provision by 140% at this busy location, which is directly on the London Cycle Network."

Work is scheduled for completion by Summer 2011.

Note to editors:

The Brighton Yard entrance improvements are being funded as follows:

  • Department for Transport - £700k (through Access for All and National Stations Improvement Programme)
  • South West Trains £600k
  • Wandsworth Council - £300k
  • Transport for London £300k

Records suggest the Brighton Yard entrance was closed in the late 1940s, although it may have been re-opened for a short period in the 1960s.

The work at Clapham junction is being delivered by Network Rail, in partnership with its contractor Osborne.

Visit Network Rail's website for a high res copy of the image.

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Recent comments

My father was assistent station manager at clapham jct in the 60s we lived above the entrance when it closed , untill 1976 , i assume we were the last tenants as i visited on a number of times and it seemed run down , last visit it was being used as offices, alwas loved living there, very large flat lots of rooms and a small lift for moving items from ground floor to flat, brings back great times i had there with my family. i work for railways 3rd generation on western region.
Richard caley

23 September 2012

I very much welcome the re-opening of the Brighton Yard entrance, it is long overdue. I was however assuming that the new entrance would be genuinely accessible but looking at the artists impression provided, any user coming up St Johns Hill and unable to climb steps will have to be in the road moving against the traffic to enter!! I hope this is just an oversight by the artist... Hopefully it will also reduce the amount of cars that use Severus Road as a drop off point as many people don't know that the existing car park even exists!
Mark Wareing

21 March 2011

Looks really good. We're looking forward to the reduced congestion in the corridor, which is almost dangerously overcrowded at times.
Derek Camfield

17 March 2011

Really glad to see this development has car drop off points. Could the council extend this to all other stations within the borough rather than the current position where they place traffic parking fine cameras (Clapham South and Grant Rd are clear examples).
Andy Healey

17 March 2011

It looks great and in keeping with the style of building. I hope it relieves the pressure on the main entrance as it's currently a bit of a log jam moving along the pavement there.
Clare Sallah

21 February 2011

hope there will be a bus stop on the bridge so we don't have to walk up the hill. gerry platts
gerry platts

18 February 2011

This looks an exciting development. However, I don't see any bus stops. If you want to reduce crowding in the old part of the station it seems common sense to have a bus stop by the new entrance. At least six bus routes use St.John's Hill bringing hundreds of people to the station each day. I look forward to hearing your comments.
Charles Walton

18 February 2011

I must say I welcome the revival but that it looks only a little bit better than in the 1960s, before someone decided it should be closed! It certainly isn't half a century since it was closed.
Celia Blair

17 February 2011

It looks terrific and I can't wait for it to open. The Brighton Yard entrance was also in use in the mid/late 1980s, if I remember correctly, I imagine while the shopping/gym/office complex at the bottom of the hill was being built.
Jonathan Wadman

17 February 2011