Cash boost for transport schemes

Published: Wednesday 22nd December 10

Wandsworth has been awarded £3.7m by the Mayor to help fund a raft of transport improvements across the borough next year.

The money has been allocated by Transport for London as part of the council's Local Implementation Plan (LIP). This provides cash to London boroughs to fund local projects that support the Mayor's Transport Strategy.


In Wandsworth, the TfL money will contribute towards the overall cost of major transport improvement programmes in Clapham Junction town centre and also at Earlsfield station.


In Earlsfield the station entrance is proposed to be widened to ease overcrowding, while unnecessary street furniture, including railings, will be removed to create even more space, including for more cycle parking.


These measures will complement Network Rail's proposals for the station which include a bigger entrance and new customer lifts.


At Clapham Junction TfL's money will help continue a major council project to improve the town centre and public transport interchange.


TfL has agreed to pay £400,000 towards the Earlsfield scheme and £920,000 for the Clapham Junction improvements next year.


In addition the funding will enable a series of local highway improvements and road maintenance schemes to go ahead.


Transport spokesman Cllr Ravi Govindia said: "The council is working closely with residents, TfL, developers, the rail companies, and local businesses in drawing up comprehensive plans to improve and enhance our local areas and some of our most important transport interchanges.


"The works at Clapham Junction and Earlsfield will make a real difference to commuters, cyclists, pedestrians and drivers.


"The council and its partners are working well together in delivering the shared vision of a better Wandsworth."     




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How about some money to allieviate the servere over crowding at Putney station in the rush hours. This is a health and safety I for one have dislocated by shoulder by being knocked to the ground in the twice daily rugby scrum
alan thomson

22 December 2010