Festive season refuse and recycling services

Published: Tuesday 21st December 10

The council is encouraging residents to have a green Christmas by taking advantage of the borough's doorstep recycling services over the festive period.

Many of the items associated with Christmas can be recycled using the council's Orange recycling services.

Wrapping paper can be placed in orange sacks along with Christmas cards, drinks cans, glass bottles, jars, juice cartons and plastic bottles. People should not however put metallic 'foil' style wrapping paper in their recycling bags.

Residents in blocks of flats, who do not have an individual doorstep refuse collection can also place all these recycleable items in the communal orange recycling banks that have been placed on most estates.

The council will also recycle Christmas trees free of charge as part of its regular refuse and recycling collections. All the trees collected will be shredded and turned into compost.

Trees will be collected from the front of households on normal refuse and recycling collection days from Wednesday, January 5 to Tuesday, January 18. Residents are requested not to leave trees on pavements unless there is nowhere else at the front of your property to leave it. Trees should only be left out on normal collections days and not before.

Residents who live in blocks of flats should leave their trees near to their refuse bin store, making sure they do not block access to the bin store.

This year there will be no refuse or recycling collections on Christmas Day or New Year's Day. This means that collections which would normally occur on Saturday, December 25 and Saturday, January 1 will be made one day later than usual. Some street cleansing services will also be one day later.

Residents are also being reminded that refuse collectors are not permitted to ask households for money or other gratuities. 

For more information about refuse, recycling and street cleaning over the Christmas break visit www.wandsworth.gov.uk/wasteservices.


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It would be good to know why our Christmas tree has not been collected. It has been out since January 05th - for over a week by the recycling bin and now on one of the paths and clearly visible from the road. Thanks for your comments.
Anne Sunyer

15 January 2013

Whilst we always offer to assist our home delivery customers by collecting glass bottles, an overall knowledge of the local council recycling program for Christmas/Festive period is very useful indeed. Remember, have a lovely festive period and recycle when you can - Wandsworth Council are certainly assist where possible!
Aqua Amore Home Deliveries

21 December 2010