Building a better borough - together

Published: Monday 29th November 10

Council leader Edward Lister has set out a borough-wide agenda for transforming the way the council works with local residents and organisations on the big issues that affect people’s life chances.

The main principles underpinning the challenge will be considered by councillors at a special meeting on December 6.

The approach seeks to engage the whole community in drawing up priorities for action over the next four years. This could include local initiatives to tackle worklessness, make neighbourhoods safer and improve the environment.

Cllr Lister said the coalition government's public sector reforms were offering councils an opportunity to develop new patterns of service provision that would respond directly to local issues:

"Now, more then ever, is the time to challenge ourselves by setting an even more ambitious agenda.  It is a challenge in which we must engage councillors, staff, residents, local businesses - in fact partners of every kind including those in the public sector and voluntary sector.

"We share ministers' commitment to devolving powers and responsibilities away from the centre.  This is a process of continuous devolution which goes beyond local authorities to communities and individuals.  It maintains the central direction of this council's own policies which for many years have encouraged greater degrees of personal choice.

"We will be building this approach from the bottom up. It will be less about the council 'doing things' to its residents and more about freeing them to do or decide things for themselves - and helping them to make a difference.

"This programme will enable us to raise our sights above the immediate demands of today's difficult financial situation.  If will be about demonstrating how the council can make a difference in every area of public life." 

The report highlights the potential for new approaches in areas including schools, families, environment, health, social care, community safety, partnerships, voluntary sector and employment.

Cllr Lister's proposals for change will be debated at the finance and corporate resources overview and scrutiny committee on 6 December. If approved they will be launched for public consultation in the New Year.



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Does this mean that businesses will be consulted too, and, if so, will they actually be listened to? My experience shows that in reality the council pays lip service only to a great many consultation exercises and then they do exactly what suits them later, and probably what they had been scheming up all along. There are too many cosy deals being done behind the facade of consultation.
David Rosemont

3 December 2010

Just wondered if the public can attend/watch committee meetings?

30 November 2010

The people of Wandsworth have been telling the council what is needed in the borough for some time but they are just ignored

29 November 2010

No money to keep York Gardens library open but enough in the coffers to buy the Putney Hospital site for "educational purposes"? There is little sign of fairness in WBC's agenda as described by Cllr. Lister. I was at a Putney school's centenary celebrations this year. I could see many of the features (plumbing and electrics) that were there (but needed replacing) in the late 1960s when I taught there. Schools deprived of funding for repairs and building but WBC buying a site to offer to a "free school"? Where's equality of opportunity on Cllr. Lister's agenda?
Celia Blair

29 November 2010