Man arrested following dog attack

Published: Friday 26th November 10

A joint investigation by the council’s parks police service and the Bedford ward safer neighbourhoods team has led to the arrest of a man in connection with an alleged dog attack on a young footballer.

The young player was appearing for an under-11s team during a match on Tooting Bec Common when the incident occurred.

The parks police and Bedford SNT launched an investigation after it was reported that a dog belonging to a spectator bit the boy on the arm when he walked off the pitch to retrieve the ball for a thrown-in.

Fortunately the boy's injuries were not serious and following hospital treatment he was allowed home and is thought to be making a good recovery.

As a result of enquiries in the area, a man was arrested earlier this week and has since been quizzed about this incident and a similar episode last year.

He is currently on bail pending further enquiries.

Anyone with information about this allegation or who has information about any other dog related incident on the common is advised to contact the parks police on (020) 8871 7532.


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Recent comments

It all needs to be put into perspective. How many "aggressive" dog attacks were there in the Borough last year? How many attacks were there by aggressive people on other people, and indeed on animals? The statistics on "alleged" dog attacks are rushed out but many of those on human activity of a similar or worse nature are given no publicity. I used to live and work in the Borough. I was a dog owner then and still am. I don't remember any great problem with dogs in the Borough although I do remember the problems with apparently large numbers of some of the residents. There are numerous dogs where I live now and the aggression thing seems to come more from their owners and where they live than the animals themselves.
David Rosemont

3 December 2010

I think this is a good response from the authorities. If rogue dogs get away with this behaviour it puts a bad reflection on other dogs and their owners. I wish the parks police were more effective in dealing with dog on dog attacks. I have heard of several incidents where dogs have been badly injured by innocent dogs being attacked by aggressive ones not kept on leads. Even though the actions have been brought to the attention of the police or park police, no further actions have ever been taken. This surely cannot be right.
eddie chapman

27 November 2010