Garage plans lack affordable homes

Published: Thursday 23rd September 10

Councillors have rejected development plans for a site in Southfields because the proposals lacked sufficient levels of affordable housing.

Developers wanted planning permission to provide 29 flats with 29 parking spaces at a site which fronts both West Hill Road and Wimbledon Park Road.

The flats would have been provided in a new building up to five storeys high fronting West Hill Road, with a two story rear extension fronting Wimbledon Park Road. This would have replaced the existing buildings on the site - a former car showroom and associated workshops.

But after hearing that the developer was proposing to include only seven affordable homes in the redevelopment, councillors voted to reject the scheme.

Planning chairman Cllr Nick Cuff said: "Councillors took the view that this quite significant development simply did not provide sufficient levels of affordable housing for local people on low incomes."

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