Wandsworth Council

Reporting abuse

If there is danger, first ensure the safety of the adult. Call emergency services if immediate help is necessary.

You should always contact

The adult social care Access Team: 020 8871 7707
Email: accessteam@wandsworth.gov.uk

Community Mental Health Team: 020 8767 3411
Safeguarding Adults Team: safeguardingadults@wandsworth.gov.uk

What happens next

A worker from adult social care services will arrange an enquiry into the alleged abuse using multi-agency guidelines on safeguarding adults.

  • If abuse has occurred or is suspected then the council will ensure that action is taken to try and safeguard the adult in the future.
  • Where it appears a criminal offence has been committed, the police may be informed.

In responding, we will take care to listen to the adult or their representative about what they want to happen. Then we will arrange for an advocate if this is needed.

Remember, safeguarding is everyone's business.

About abuse of adults

Most people have heard of child abuse and the many forms it can take. Abuse of adults is not so well known but happens more than many of us realise.

Older people, people with a physical disability, people with a learning disability and people who are mentally ill can be just as vulnerable to abuse as children and young people.

Safeguarding adults covers people who are experiencing or are at risk of abuse, have care and support needs and as a result of those needs may be unable to protect themselves. Find out more about adult abuse.


Information and guidance is available from the Wandsworth Safeguarding Adults Board, which also publishes information about Safeguarding Adult Reviews (SARS).

The London Multi-Agency Adult Safeguarding Policy and Procedures encourage best practice to safeguard adults throughout London.

The Charity Commission's safeguarding strategy sets out reasonable steps charity trustees should take to safeguard beneficiaries.

The GLA's guide to modern slavery provides clarity for councils on their role in tackling this issue.