Parking in Wandsworth

Resident visitor permits

Where to use resident visitor permits

Residents can purchase permits for their visitors to use, which allow them to park in a CPZ during the controlled hours in the following bays:

  • resident permit holder only bays
  • permit holder only bays, and
  • shared use (pay and display and permit holder) bays

One hour CPZs

In CPZs that operate for one hour a day (for example between 10.30am and 11.30am) pay and display parking is not provided, and all visitors must display a visitor permit to be able to park.

Types of permits

Daily and weekly visitor permits are available.

You can apply for 2 different cars on the same day.

Valid visitor permits

A visitor permit must be validated before it is displayed in a vehicle.

This is done by scratching off the date/s and filling in the vehicle registration number.

More information about visitor permits.