Blue badges

Applying for a disabled bay

To be eligible for a disabled bay, you must hold a valid disabled blue badge, keep a vehicle at your address and experience difficulties parking near your home.

How to apply

Complete and return the disabled bay application form.

Please ensure that your application form is signed and stamped by your doctor and that you enclose copies of your vehicle registration document (V5C) or signed agreement from 'Motability' and also a photocopy of your blue badge, both sides, as stated in the application notes.

Once we receive this documentation we will undertake parking surveys in your road and if they show that you regularly experience difficulty parking close to you property then a bay will be provided.

Your vehicle must be registered to your home address

Your vehicle's V5C form must show that your vehicle is registered to your home address. A disabled parking bay cannot be provided for the vehicle of someone who visits you. If your vehicle is supplied by 'Motability' please forward a copy of their agreement letter in place of the V5C form.

We cannot approve a disabled bay if you have access to your own off street parking place.

More information

To obtain advice on the application process or request an application form, please contact: 

Engineering Consultancy
Wandsworth Council
Tadmore House
SW18 1HA

Telephone: 020 8871 8420