Blue badges

About the scheme

The Blue Badge Scheme provides a national arrangement of parking concessions for people with severe mobility problems to access goods and services, by allowing them to park close to their destination. The scheme is open to eligible disabled people irrespective of whether they are travelling as a driver or as a passenger.

Changes to the scheme

In 2011, the Department for Transport has announced a programme of reforms to modernise the Blue Badge Scheme.

The Blue Badge Improvement Service (BBIS) is a key part of the reform programme and was established to help tackle badge fraud and misuse and to make the Scheme fairer and more sustainable in the long term for the disabled people who rely on it. These reforms came into force on 1 January 2012.

The BBIS will offer: 

  • Secure printing, supply and distribution of a new Blue Badge 
  • A common store of key information on badges and badge holders to enable verification checks to be made quickly and easily
  • A web-based management information system for local authorities
  • A national online application form available via Directgov
  • There will also be a new national helpline for general enquiries for Blue Badges. The telephone number is 0844 4630213

How to use the badge

The badge may only be used when the badge holder is driving or being transported in the vehicle. It may not be used by a friend, relative or helper even when providing a service for the disabled badge holder such as shopping unless the badge holder is travelling with them. 

When the badge is used, it must be clearly displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle, with the front (showing the wheelchair user symbol) facing outwards, so that the expiry date, serial number and issuing authority are easily visible through the windscreen.

In Wandsworth, the parking concessions for blue badge holders include free use of pay-and-display bays, shared use (permit holder and pay and display) bays, permit holder only bays, resident permit holder only bays, business permit holder only bays and disabled bays, without time limit.

The concessions do not include parking in loading bays, doctor's bays, bays that have been suspended, disabled bays that have a limited stay (generally sited in busy areas, near shops and amenities) or disabled bays provided for specific residents (as indicated on the bay sign). In addition, the Blue Badge cannot be used to park on Red Routes, unless signs permit it , or where the vehicle obstructs access or sight lines for example at junctions and next to dropped kerbs.

Badge holders can also park for up to three hours on yellow lines (except where there is a ban on loading or unloading or other restrictions). You must display your badge and clock, which must be set to the time of arrival when parking on yellow lines.

More information

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