Safety in your council home

Window safety

Windows if left open can be hazardous particularly to unsupervised small children or vulnerable adults.

The council has fitted window safety features in tenanted properties to meet safety regulations, but accidents can happen if owners fail to observe a few precautions.

Window restrictors

If your home has window restrictor to limit how far a window will open, it is important to make sure you use them correctly and that they are in good working order.

Restrictors must never be released other than to clean your windows. Immediately afterwards they must be put back into the correct safety position.

You should never release the restrictors and open windows to their full extent just to let more air into your home.


Some windows have safety locks to prevent them from being opened, except when being cleaned. Make sure that these type of windows are kept closed at all times when you're not cleaning them.

They should not to be opened for ventilation and the key should be kept securely out of reach of children and vulnerable adults.

Access to windows and balconies 

Do not place furniture or store items under windows or on balconies.

Children or vulnerable adults may be curious and unaware of the dangers.

It only takes few seconds for an unsupervised child or vulnerable adult to climb onto a table, chair, or plant pot become unsteady and fall. Please keep objects clear of windows and balconies for their safety.

Repairs and faults

Tenants - if there is a fault with your window, report it immediately and keep it closed until the repair is completed.

By making sure you keep windows on restrictors, locked and in good repair, it will keep your home and family safer.

Leaseholders are advised to have restrictors or locks fitted.

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