Fire safety

Proposal to fit sprinkler systems to high-rise residential blocks

Following the fire at Grenfell Tower last June, we proposed that sprinklers should be fitted to all properties in blocks of 10 storeys or more – bringing fire safety up to the same standard that would be found in a similar newly built block.

Undertaking the works 

We have made an application to the First Tier Property Tribunal to ensure that it has the authority to undertake and charge for the works in leasehold properties.

First Tier Property Tribunal 

We have now received preliminary directions from the tribunal:

Below are further directions from the Tribunal about the case management hearing that was held on 16 October 2018:

Further correspondence with the First Tier Property Tribunal:

Statement of Case on Behalf of the London Borough of Wandsworth:

Further directions from the Tribunal: 

The Tribunal have extended the deadline to make an application to strike-out or transfer the case to the Upper Tribunal from 5 March 2019 to 22 March 2019. 

The Tribunal has also directed the Council to publish the four applications received to date for an adjournment or stay of the case and the Council's response to these applications:

Decision and Directions from the Tribunal 22 March 2019