Our priorities

Help to get on in life

Our priorities

  • Bringing new jobs opportunities, building lower cost housing and making improvements to community facilities and transport. 
  • Making our schools even better and helping families give their children the best start in life.
  • Supporting young and old to stay fit, healthy, active and independent.

Did you know?

  • Across the borough we are helping to bring 25,000 new permanent jobs and nearly 2,000 affordable homes. Local residents and workers will receive priority for local homes.
  • The first new tube station in the borough for 90 years is being built at Battersea Power Station – along with another nearby at Wandsworth Road. 

How we are working to ensure that you benefit

  • Giving children the best start in life thanks to the quality of our schools and supporting  families 
  • Helping people buy or rent a home that they can afford
  • Helping young and old stay healthy, fit and independent
  • Improving housing conditions on our estates and building more council homes
  • Bringing new jobs and career opportunities to the borough
  • Bringing new investment to pay for better community facilities and transport 

How we are doing it

Bringing improvements to Wandsworth

We are attracting £15 billion of new investment to our borough which will see 20,000 new homes and a new district for London at Nine Elms, while we are overseeing major improvements at Wandsworth town centre, Roehampton town centre, including the Alton estate, along with Winstanley and York Road estates in Battersea.

Find out more about upcoming improvements to Wandsworth.

Making our schools even better

Nearly all our schools (97%) are good or outstanding. Of those, 44% are outstanding which is twice the national average. We are also proud of the fact that nearly all our special schools are outstanding as well as having one of the best records in London for the number of children in our care who pass their GCSEs at grades A-C. 

Improving the quality of housing for local people

We are committed to providing the best possible housing service to the 33,000 households (roughly a third of the borough) who live in a council-managed property, either as a tenant or a leaseholder.

Between 2017 and 2020 we will be spending £101.5 million on repairs and refurbishments of our housing stock. The works range from rewiring to installing new lifts and windows. Sprinkler systems will also be installed in all blocks that are more than 10 storeys in height.  

We are carrying out an extensive housing improvement programme on two of our major estates, at the Alton estate in Roehampton and Winstanley and York Road estate at Clapham Junction where will be rebuilding council homes and building new homes.  

We are also in the middle of rolling out free internet to many of our estates. So far 4,600 people in Battersea can access basic free internet or pay for super-fast broadband. Later this year a further 7,000 in council managed properties will have access to free internet across Battersea and Roehampton.

Delivering homes that are more affordable

We want to help as many people as possible find a home that is right for them and their family, which is why we offer a range of products and help. In fact we think that the range of support that the council provides is unequalled in London. This ranges from grants to help our tenants buy a home on the open market, through to a scheme which enables all residents to purchase part of a home rather than having to pay the full market value. 

In the past two years we have delivered more than 1,000 homes that are more affordable to our residents. We are one of just a handful of local authorities to develop new council houses using our own resources and land which in the future will see hundreds of new homes made available to buy, part buy or rent.

Find out what help is available and what we mean by 'affordable'.

Helping people secure job opportunities

We help people who are looking to get back into employment or change their career, often gaining new skills or qualifications in the process.  We do this by matching your ambitions with employment opportunities. Since 2013 have helped 750 Wandsworth residents into work. Find out how you benefit from our Workmatch programme.

Our example

Trainee electrician Trent Shaw admits that his life ‘was going nowhere fast’ until he secured an apprenticeship, thanks to Wandsworth Council’s Workmatch scheme. 

Nearly 18 months on 30-year-old Trent is helping to repower Battersea Power Station after securing a Level 3 Advanced Electrical Engineering Apprenticeship Course. Trent spends one day a week in the classroom and the rest of his time on site installing power, lighting and fire alarms.

He admits that his life could have easily gone the other way after getting into trouble with the police at the age of 17, but Workmatch provided him with a ‘realistic’ path to follow.

“If I work hard then in a few years time I could be earning £1,000 a week,” says Trent who is one of five apprentices working on the site. “Workmatch gave me the confidence and tools to succeed."

“When I was younger a lot of people would say ‘do something more positive with your life’ but without saying exactly what I should do. Workmatch made it easy by spelling out the steps involved and it was all realistic.” Trent, who lives in Tooting, works for Woodlands Site Services which carries out electrical, plumbing and security works on Battersea Power Station. Trent’s apprenticeship marked a watershed in his life whereby he left behind a troubled adolescence which included serving time in prison at the age of 17, followed by a six year career in retail which, in his own words, “wasn’t going anywhere but sideways”.  He has even addressed a meeting at the House of Commons where he spoke about how his apprenticeship enabled him to follow a structured career path with training, mentoring and responsibility.  In the future Trent hopes to encourage more people to get off the streets and onto apprenticeship programmes, seeing the importance of promoting apprenticeships to older people particularly, and talking with pride about taking “a realistic opportunity to earn more money without going to university.”

Supporting young people and families

We want every child and young person in Wandsworth to be safe from harm and abuse and can reach their full potential. We do this by working with our partners, particularly the NHS and police, to ensure that families can access the right help at the right time and by targeting more intensive to support to families who are experiencing problems. We operate a health visitor service which provides advice and support to all families of children under five, while deploying nurses in schools who promote health and wellbeing. We also run children’s centres which provide a welcoming space for children and their families to have fun and learn. Parents of children up to the age of four can access funded childcare, with 30 hours of extended support available to working parents of 3 and 4-year-olds.

For children who are deemed to be at risk our focus in on providing a long-term safe and supportive environment. We do this either by working with families to ensure that their children can be cared for safely, or by placing children in residential or foster care. Currently the council is caring for 288 children and we are proud of the fact that more of our looked after children go on to pass their GCSEs than any other borough in London. 

Our Children’s and Young Person’s offer extends right up to the age of 19 or 25 for people with learning difficulties. Our youth service provides help with homework, maths, English and science tutoring, support for carers and even residential trips. Once our young people leave school we help them into employment through a range of training an apprenticeship schemes. 

Find out more about the range of for children and young people services available.

Helping stay fit, active and independent

Whatever stage of life you are at we want you to get the most out of it by staying fit, active and independent. 

The Council provides a range of support and help for people of all ages, from physical activity programmes through to more specialist help for people experiencing difficulties to get them back on their feet.

Nearly 7,000 people in Wandsworth receive a care package which entitles them to extra support. This can range from a carer going into a home through to a residential care placement.

We do everything possible to care for people in their own community rather than placing people in an institution. We do this by focusing on what people can do rather than just looking at what they can’t do. One of the ways we do this is by making adaptions in the home and using technology. 

We also support various schemes that help people stay independent longer in their own home. This includes a Homeshare Project that matches people who want help or support around the house with people who need accommodation and are willing to help by carrying out tasks such as cooking, DIY, doing the laundry, gardening, help with electronics, shopping and companionship. It enables people from different walks of life to share experiences and be there for one another. 

Find out what adult care services are available.

Our example

Doris is a retired park woman who suffers from dementia. She has no family and through her condition and reduced mobility she has lost contact with friends. She is also prone to falls. Doris preferred to sleep on a sofa under the window in her front room rather than the bed provided because it connects her to the outside world.

The problem is that she would often fall as she got up from the low sofa to unbolt the door. Rather than consider a residential care placement we devised a plan that would enable Doris to carry on living in her own home safely. We placed the bed by her front window and we devised a personal exercise programme to help maintain bodily strength and mobility. Carers provide Doris with the support that she needs and an Age UK befriending service visits twice a week. Doris’s mobility and confidence has now improved and she has had no further falls.