Council tenant re-housing options

Waiting times

Even if you are awarded high priority for a transfer, you may wait several years before being offered a property.

Numbers on our housing waiting list
Type of queue Number on waiting list (at September 2016)

Homeless Households


Council Tenant Transfer Queue


General Needs Queue


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Waiting times

Due to the shortage of available properties and the high numbers of people on the waiting list we cannot offer an alternative property to most transfer applicants. Below is guidance on how long you may have to wait. This depends on your priority band.

Priority Band A or B

Although we may be able to offer you another property it is likely it will take several years before this happensThis is because of the high numbers of people already registered on the waiting list.

We do not know when we will be able to offer you a property because we do not know when or if any suitable properties will become vacant. For households needing large accommodation (4 or more bedrooms) the waiting time for a vacant property will be a lot longer.

When a property does become vacant we also need to assess which of our 9 waiting lists the property should be given to. Vacant properties are often given to higher priority waiting lists (such as homeless) meaning that the general needs and council tenant transfer queues will move slower.

It not necessary to contact the Housing Options Team or Housing Allocations Team to ask how long an offer will take. We will contact you when we have an available property to offer you.

Priority Band C or D

If your application is assessed and placed in Band C or D we are very unlikely to be in a position to offer you a property. This is because we have a very limited number of properties we are able to offer each year and the high number of applicants registered in the higher priority Bands A and B.

Changing priority bands

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do speed up the waiting time, or be given a higher priority.

You should however always advise us if there is a change of circumstances as this may affect our assessment of your application, the number of points your housing application receives, or the size of accommodation you need.

If you are unable to wait you may want to consider some of the other housing options available including:

  • Homeownership
  • Mutual exchange
  • Out of borough scheme
  • Renting privately