Council tenant re-housing options

My home is unsafe because of abuse, violence or harassment

We might be able to improve the security of your home through the Stay Put Stay Safe Scheme.

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Homeless applications

If you are not safe at home due to a risk or threat of violence you can make a homeless application to any Council if you are not safe in Wandsworth. 

You may be provided with emergency temporary accommodation, which could be anywhere in or out of the borough, but it will be in an area that is safe for your family.

If you claim Housing Benefit to help cover the costs of your rent, Housing Benefit may pay for both the tenancy you have left and your temporary accommodation for a period of time. Do not serve a notice on your tenancy until your homeless application has been assessed and you are advised to do so.

If your homeless application is assessed and accepted you will remain in temporary accommodation until you are offered settled accommodation of either a fixed term tenancy of a council property, a housing association property or a privately rented property. 

Find out more about homelessness applications

Management transfer applications

A management transfer is when you apply to move on the basis that you are not safe in your current home. You can apply for a management transfer instead of or in addition to making a homeless application. Please note the following before deciding whether to apply for a management transfer.

If your application is agreed:  

  • Your application will be placed in band A and you will be offered a property which may be a council or housing association property as soon as possible (usually within eight weeks)
  • You will be offered housing in any area in the borough that removes you from the situation of immediate risk
  • The Council will offer you a property that has the same number of bedrooms as your current home unless you are in a property that is too big for your needs, in which case you may be offered a smaller property, please note that tenants granted management transfers do not qualify for an under occupation incentive payment
  • If you have a joint tenancy and the management transfer application is not made by all joint tenants because the joint tenant no longer lives with you, you will need to end the joint tenancy before you can be offered a transfer to another property, your Estate Manager will tell you what you need to do

How to apply for a management transfer

If you want to apply for a management transfer you should contact your Estate Manager.

  • Central Area Team: 020 8871 5333
  • Eastern Area Team: 020 8871 7439
  • Southern Area Team: 020 8871 7288
  • Western Area Team: 020 8871 5530

Your Estate Manager will give you a Housing Application Form and a Medical Assessment Form to complete. You will also need to provide the following:

  • ID (passport or birth certificate)
  • Photographs
  • Any supporting documentation for your case e.g. Police crime reference numbers/support letters
  • Any other documents as listed in the application form
You will be offered housing in any area in the borough that removes you from the situation of immediate risk. Therefore you should be as flexible as possible in your choice of areas.

If you refuse an offer of accommodation without good reason you may be removed from the housing waiting list.

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