Hidden homes

Cost and success


We finance the construction of hidden homes from the Council's Housing Revenue Account, creating 250 homes to date with a further 14 due over the next three years.

From 2007 - 2001 we sought partnership agreements and grant funding for some projects to ensure that new homes are developed. We worked in partnership with Notting Hill Housing Trust and the Homes and Communities Agency to deliver 65 homes.

Wandsworth Council continues to create homes through its own funds and the HCA grant system, as with the Rollo estate development.


The hidden homes initiative is an imaginative, efficient, sustainable and cost effective way of delivering affordable housing in London.

  • It contributes a significant number of new social rented homes and homes for purchase without the need to acquire new land or sites.
  • It benefits the whole community by removing disused areas, reducing anti-social behaviour and fear of crime,
  • Whilst making the local environment more appealing.

Press interest

Our Hidden Homes initiatives has led to significant interest from the press and has cross-party political support. The Mayor of London's Housing Strategy 2010 supports the council's hidden homes scheme. Whilst a number of other councils have taken a keen interest in the model.