Alton Area regeneration

Early moves for council tenants

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All tenants have the option to request to move now, or at any point before their property is required for demolition.

Some tenants may not want to wait for new homes in the regenerated estate and would prefer to move now.

If you choose to move now, you can be relocated within existing council housing stock or, should you wish, that of another social landlord within Wandsworth.

If you wish to move outside Wandsworth, for example to be closer to family members elsewhere, the regeneration team will work with the Housing Moves and Mobility team to explore these options with you.

Any new home will be on the same social rent basis as your current one, and you will remain a secure tenant and retain your Right to Buy, unless you choose to move to a property owned by a housing association or out of the borough. This means that if you choose to move to a larger property your rent may increase on a comparable basis.

If you decide to move before your demolition phase you will be offered the same home loss and disturbance payments as all other residents, as detailed in the tenants' offer booklet.

Demolition phasing will be worked out from next year, after a development partner has been appointed.

If you want to move early, please contact us.