Alton Area Regeneration

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We aim to help integrate the estate with the wider neighbourhood, enabling:

  • residents to share in the prosperity of where they live through new and improved homes
  • employment and training opportunities
  • new shops and community services, and
  • safer, better-designed streets and open spaces, while conserving the estate's heritage assets.

Our housing commitments to residents

Council tenants

All council homes proposed to be demolished are being reprovided, with a newly-built home for all council tenants and additional social housing to be built.

If you are a council tenant of a property to be demolished, you will remain a secure tenant and retain your Right to Buy and be offered a newly-built home on the estate with no change in tenancy conditions.


Shared equity is offered for owner-occupiers, to maintain existing communities, as well as refurbished sheltered accommodation, with the works paid for by building properties for sale.

If you are an owner-occupier you will be offered a newly-built home through shared equity.

More information

The redevelopment will be phased so that residents will not need to move until their new home is built.

Read the tenants' and leaseholders and freeholders' offer documents for more information.

Upcoming events

More than 250 people attended the recent public exhibition sessions in Roehampton Parish Hall on Wednesday 6 and Saturday 9 June 2018. 

If you were not able to attend these events, you can download a copy of the exhibition materials.

We will also be holding additional drop-in sessions on Monday 11 June outside Roehampton library from 2 to 5pm, and on Thursday 14 June on Downshire Field/Bull Green from 2 to 5pm. 

Copies of the exhibition materials will also be available to view throughout June and July in large presentation folders in Roehampton Library. 

How to submit your feedback

We welcome your thoughts and views to help us with further development. Please submit your feedback online or by returning your feedback form to the ballot box provided in Roehampton Library.

An electronic copy of the feedback form is also available to download.

All comments must be submitted by Friday 29 June 2018.


Latest information for secure tenants and homeowners including first view of phasing plan. 

Please view downloadable copies here:

Contact us

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