Area Focus

The masterplan identified the following key areas for regeneration and improvement:

Aerial map of keys areas for regeneration and improvement in York Road and Winstanley Estates.

Grant Road and Winstanley

The vision for Grant Road includes a wider footpath along both edges of the road. Tree planting and a green buffer along the street edge will help to create a safe, attractive and defined pedestrian priority route between the station and Plough Road.

The new homes fronting onto Grant Road will improve overlooking and the safety of this route. The new homes will be provided in scale with existing buildings, creating enclosed private courtyards with a good quality and quantity of daylight.

Environmental and safety improvements will be undertaken across the remainder of the Winstanley Estate.

Central area

Key objectives:

  • High quality, family-friendly, street level environment
  • Improved public and green spaces
  • Tree-lined streets and pavements
  • High standards of daylight/sunlight to homes, streets and community open spaces
  • High quality housing and amenity space
  • Reduced number of homes accessed by each communal entrance door
  • Increased number of street facing front doors
  • Not like a post-war housing estate
  • Buildings not all the same in height
  • Integrated new play areas and local shopping uses

Bramlands area

The preferred option includes building new homes along Grant Road and a new ‘station piazza’ between the entrance to Clapham Junction station and the corner of Falcon Road. This area, known as Bramlands, provides an exciting opportunity to create new housing, businesses, and high quality, active open space outside the station.

A bus stand currently occupies a large area in front of the station entrance, and the spaces under the railway arches could be more welcoming to pedestrians.

Photos of bus stand and railway arches which are currently in Bramlands area

The new public square will provide a more welcoming gateway for visitors to Clapham Junction with clear, tree-lined routes leading from the station entrance. There will also be spaces for the public to meet and gather around cafes, restaurants and shops.

New mixed-use developments could allow for residential accommodation at upper levels and retail and commercial uses at lower levels, providing many employment opportunities.

Improvements to the landscaping and public realm will help to reduce pavement clutter and provide easier, clearly defined crossings for pedestrians and cyclists.

A better-lit, safer Falcon Road tunnel crossing, possibly displaying local art or media, will improve accessibility and connectivity between Bramlands and the town centre.

Aerial view of the new piazza with improved accessibility and connectivity between Bramlands and the town centre

Crossrail 2

A large area of Bramlands has been safeguarded as part of Transport for London (TfL)’s initiative to protect areas which might be needed for the new Crossrail 2 development work site.

If Crossrail 2 proceeds then a new Crossrail station would be provided at Clapham Junction which would help to improve connectivity. We are working with TfL to clarify what area may be needed for the Crossrail 2 construction site and the impact this has on the timing of development in Bramlands.

Discussions are also continuing with TfL to agree a long term solution for bus services in the area, including the possibility of increasing the numbers of buses that serve the immediate and wider area and relocating the bus stand area.

York Road and York Gardens

Key objectives:

  • An innovative local hub including a library, community centre and a new leisure centre
  • Clear and improved connections and views between the Thames riverside area / York Road and York Gardens and beyond to Clapham Junction station
  • Slim towers taking account of our tall buildings policy, enabling spacious, high quality landscaping and street design at ground level
  • Active frontages and entrances along York Road and York Gardens edge
  • New and improved crossings for pedestrians and cyclists

The vision for York Gardens is for a new and improved active park serving the local neighbourhood. It would offer spaces for the community to come together, relax and play. The park would include the re-provision of the children’s centre and play space. It is intended that the new library and leisure centre front onto the park. The new park would be no smaller than the existing York Gardens park.