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Voluntary early moves


All tenants have the option to request to move now or at any point before their property is required for demolition.

We recognise that some residents may not wish to wait for new homes in the regenerated estate but would prefer to move now. If you do choose to move now, this would be voluntary and you would either be relocated within our existing housing stock or, if you wanted to, to that of another social landlord within Wandsworth.

If you wish to move outside Wandsworth borough, or even outside London, we will try to assist in finding you a suitable tenancy elsewhere. This is, however, dependent on a reciprocal arrangement with the receiving borough. The regeneration team will work with colleagues from our moves and mobility team to explore these options with you.

Any new home will be on the same social rent basis as your current one unless you choose to move to a property owned by a housing association or out of the borough. This means that if you choose to move to a larger property your rent may increase on a comparable basis.

If you do decide to move before your scheduled demolition phase you will be offered the same Home Loss and Disturbance Payments as all other residents (as detailed in the Tenant’s Offer Booklet of October 2014). All existing tenancies will be eligible for the following:

  • £6,300 Home Loss Compensation (minus any monies owed to us)
  • Removal costs
  • Disconnection and reconnection of services
  • Disconnection and reconnection of appliances, including movable fixtures and fittings, e.g. light fittings
  • New window dressings (i.e. curtains/blinds up to an agreed value) if your existing dressings cannot be used
  • Redirection of mail (up to a nominated date)
  • Incidental administrative costs incurred by change of home – change of driving licence, etc.
  • Other reasonable expenses, to be considered by the Regeneration Team in line with Compulsory Purchase Order compensation code

If you request a move outside of the regeneration area or turn down an offer of accommodation this will not affect your entitlement to a new home in the regeneration area.

However, if you accept the offer of a move, and associated compensation and disturbance payments, you will not be offered new-build accommodation in the regeneration scheme.

If you do wish to consider moving early, please contact us and we will send you an application form and help you explore your options.

Leaseholder and freeholder

If you are a resident or non-resident leaseholder or freeholder whose property is in one of the 13 blocks due for development, we are now a willing purchaser of your property. 

We will be purchasing the properties of both resident and non-resident owners at the market value price at any time up to the start of, and during, the regeneration project.

We will arrange for a valuation of your property through our agent GL Hearn, and we will offer the market value plus the compensation package - as set out in the leaseholder and freeholder rehousing booklet.

The offer states the following conditions:

    • Resident homeowners:
      • A 10% home loss payment (up to a maximum of £63,000)
      • Reasonable costs associated with moving home, selling your existing property to us and purchasing a new home. The replacement property should be purchased within a year of the sale to us.
    • Non-resident homeowners:
      • A 7.5% home loss payment (up to a maximum of £75,000)
      • Reasonable costs associated with the purchase of a new property in the UK. The replacement property should be purchased within a year of the sale to us.
If you are interested in selling your property at an early stage, please contact us and we will arrange for your property to be valued.

The offer of a shared equity home in the new development is for existing resident leaseholders and freeholders only and will not be available to homeowners selling to us early, or to non-resident property owners.

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