Our rehousing commitments to you

The Secure Council Tenant Offer

When would I have to move?

We will be able to provide a more accurate timescale for when individual households will have to move, once a detailed development phasing plan has been produced in conjunction with our procured delivery partner. It is expected that this plan detailing the order in which each part of the estate will be rebuilt, will be available by early summer 2017.

It is estimated that the earliest that any household will have to move will be in late 2018. Residents will be given a precise moving date at least six months in advance of such a move, in a pre-move rehousing interview. 

Rehousing commitments

Regardless of how the regeneration plans may adapt and develop as they are delivered, we continue to have the following clear commitments, as detailed in the October 2014 council tenant rehousing information booklet:

  • You will be offered a new home on a social rent within the regeneration area
    • The social rent of your new build property in the scheme - whether on the off-site or in the main regeneration area - assuming it is of the same size in terms of bedrooms, will be the same as your current rent at the time of moving from your existing property 
    • If you are moving to a different sized property in order to meet your assessed need, your social rent will be assessed in line with council rent setting policies 
    • Social rents continue to be set well below the market or equivalent affordable rent levels
  • The new home will have no less security of tenure than you have now and you will retain your Right to Buy 
  • The size of the new home will be based on your assessed housing need at the time of the move
    • The number of bedrooms in your new property will be determined by the size and composition of your household 
    • There will be no studio accommodation – single person households, lone pregnant women and couples will be allocated a self contained one bedroom property meeting current space standards
    • Medical and other professional reports will be considered when requests for additional rooms are made to meet a medical or social need
    • If you are currently under-occupying your property by more than one bedroom, you will be offered a new home which has one room above your assessed need only, you will be offered incentives to encourage you to downsize to a property which meets your assessed need
  • The development will be phased to minimise the use of temporary housing, with the intention being for one move from your current property straight into your new home
  • The new home will meet the Mayor of London’s quality and size standards
  • If your tenancy is over one year old you will be entitled to a statutory Home Loss Payment of £6,300 per household – an amount set by central government – to compensate you for the move
    • You will also receive a disturbance payment for other reasonable moving costs incurred, such as:- removal costs; the disconnection and reconnection of services and appliances; the removal and reinstallation of moveable fixtures and fittings; new window dressings (up to a value to be determined); redirected mail; and incidental administrative costs incurred by a change of home (e.g. change of driving licence address) 
    • Any rent arrears (or other monies owed to the council) would be deducted from the overall compensation payment  
    • You may be eligible for further compensation, as detailed in the tenants re-housing booklet (October 2014)
  • There are circumstances where people will not qualify for a new home in the redevelopment:

    • If you are not a lawful occupant of the property (the named tenant is not occupying the property as his/her one and only principle home)
    • If you are temporarily housed in your accommodation, awaiting your permanent offer from the council
    • If you are privately renting from a council leaseholder
    • If you have had a notice of seeking possession served against you for a breach of tenancy conditions (e.g. antisocial behaviour or rent arrears) and you have failed to comply with agreed terms of the court order

    New development homes

    • Your new home will be provided with carpets or other flooring (including underlay or sound proofing), blinds or curtains as required
    • You will have the option to have an oven/hob, fridge freezer and washing machine/dryer fitted
    • We will work with residents where possible to inform aspects of the internal layout of the new homes (e.g. where adaptations are required, where there is the opportunity to have an open plan living area etc.)
      • If you consider adaptations will be required to your new home, then we will carry out an occupational needs assessment 
      • Any adaptations would be made prior to you moving in 
    • You will be able to express a preference of floor levels; however properties will be prioritised on a need basis, with ground floor properties most likely being allocated to those with mobility or other relevant health conditions

    Show homes will be built at appropriate stages of the project and you will be able to view your new home on plan and in a model. Approaching the time of completion, you will be able to visit your new home.

    Moving outside the regeneration area

    We would be happy to assist you in finding a suitable tenancy in another part of Wandsworth, in another London borough, or outside London, if you wish to explore this option. A new local home would be reserved for you until you secure alternative accommodation that meets your needs.

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