The Electoral Register

Old versions of the Electoral Register

We only keep the current version of the register.  If you need to view earlier versions, there are two options available:

Heritage Service

The Heritage Service is located on the first floor of Battersea Library. It is open to the public to view historical records for the Borough of Wandsworth. They only hold registers from before 2002, if you need to view a register from 2002 to last year, you will need to visit the British Library.

If you would like to use the service, you should get in touch ahead of your visit to allow staff time to retrieve the relevant documents from the archive.

Please contact:

Wandsworth Heritage Service
Battersea Library
Lavender Hill
SW11 1JB


Opening times and further information.

British Library

The British Library has Electoral Registers for all UK Parliamentary constituencies dating back to 1832, with complete records from 1947 (the compilation of Electoral Registers was interrupted during wartime).

In order to view the Registers at the British Library, you should apply for a reader's pass and make an appointment to use the reading room reserved for this purpose. 

Alternatively, the Research Service can carry out a search for you, but this will incur a fee. Constituency names and boundaries may have changed over time, so allow time to locate the correct Register.

Please contact:

Social Sciences Reference Service
The British Library
96 Euston Road

Telephone: 020 7412 7676
Fax: 020 7412 7761

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