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Refunds on water charges for many council tenants

Many tenants and former tenants are to receive credits to their accounts.

A court case involving another council has challenged the way councils collect charges on behalf of Thames Water. The other council had believed itself to be an agent of Thames Water and charged tenants as such. The Court ruled that the council was actually a ‘water re-seller’ rather than an ‘agent’ and therefore should have been charged in line with the “Water Resale Order 2006”.

In light of this case we have reviewed our own agreement with Thames Water and found that it was almost identical to the one challenged in court. We have therefore adjusted our water charges in line with the court ruling and in many cases council tenants are now due a refund, plus interest.

Current tenants

A letter will have been sent out together with a statement showing the credit made to the account. The adjustment covers the period from the tenancy start date or 5 April 2010 (whichever is later) until 29 January 2017.

  • If your account is now in credit you may be entitled to a refund.
  • Check your current balance using our automated balance line, as this will take into account any other recent transactions, on 020 8871 8987 (option 1).
  • If you would like a refund please call 020 8871 8987 (option 5).
  • Joint tenants are required to complete and sign a refund form or this can be requested by phoning 020 8871 8987.

We expect a lot of tenants to apply for a refund, which, together with the internal checks we are required to carry out, will mean that it will take time for refunds to be processed. We apologise in advance for any delays. Refunds will be processed as quickly as possible and in the order they are received.

Former tenants

This applies to a tenancy starting from 5 April 2010 onwards and tenants may also be due a refund. We will shortly be starting work on these and further information will be published on our Rents page.

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