Keeping our streets clean

Street cleaning services

The council’s main street cleaning service is provided by a contract that costs around £4m annually. This contract provides for public streets* to be swept thoroughly at least once a week, and for busier streets to be swept up to six times daily. This sweeping should remove all litter, fouling, leaves and detritus. The service also provides for fly-tips to be removed along with weeds that exceed 10cm.

* The cleaning of public streets running through council-managed housing estates is covered by separate housing estate maintenance contracts. We are not responsible for cleaning private roads.

Who cleans our streets?

The contractor providing the main street cleaning service is Continental Landscapes Ltd. You can find this contract on the London Contract Register (contract number 049808). Public streets running through council managed Housing Estates are cleaned either by Lewis & Greaves or Connaught Environmental Ltd.

Background information

View the National Code of Practice on Litter and Refuse.