Litter bins

Litter bins are provided in town centres and along main roads where more litter tends to be dropped. They are emptied at least once a day and are washed twice a year.

You can report litter bin problems.

Do not

Do not use litter bins to dispose of household waste. We collect your rubbish from your home once a week.

Do not drop litter. Littering is a criminal offence which may result in prosecution or an £100 Fixed Penalty Notice. Please use the litter bins and recycle where possible.

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Report litter bin problem (Add a space when entering your postcode).

An overflowing litterbin, from dumped waste.

An overflowing litter bin.

Litter bin with stubber plate

There are around 1,300 litter bins - many have stubber plates on top for cigarette butts.

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