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Waste enforcement

Enforcement officers patrol the borough day and night. They

  • educate residents and businesses about their waste disposal duties and responsibilities.
  • investigate reports of dumped rubbish, identify where it has come from and who has dumped it.
  • enforce waste related legislation by issuing penalties and prosecuting individuals and organisations found to be responsible for fly-tipping.

Read our Waste Management Enforcement Policy for more about what our officers do and what actions we can take.

Reporting information for enforcement against fly-tippers

If you see someone dumping rubbish and are willing to provide a witness statement, please contact us:

Phone: 020 8871 8558 

Witness statements should include as much of the following information as possible:

  • the time, date and location of the fly-tip
  • a vehicle registration number and description
  • a description and/or names and addresses of the people involved
  • Photographs and/or video footage

Do not put yourself or others at risk to get evidence about fly-tippers.  Any information given will be treated with the strictest confidence.

The offences we investigate

  • Fly-tipping on open land anywhere in the borough.
  • Dropping litter in a street or open public place.
  • Leaving refuse on the public highway without authorisation (where a premise has a front garden or forecourt, there will not usually be a good reason to leave it on the public highway.
  • Failure to provide details of commercial refuse collection/disposal arrangements.
  • Failure to store waste securely, resulting in waste spillage
  • Failure to comply with our waste regulations.
  • Breach of street trading licence conditions.
  • Trading on or near a street without a street trading licence.

Taking action

Appropriate action is taken when evidence of an offence is found. Action can range from a verbal or written warning, the issue of a fixed penalty notice, penalty charge notice or, in more serious cases, prosecution.   

Penalties for littering

We have the power to issue an instant £80 Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) to anyone seen dropping litter in a public place. We can issue a £100 Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) to the registered keeper of a vehicle involved in littering.  

Not paying an FPN within 28 days is liable to result in criminal prosecution.  Not paying a PCN within 28 days is liable to result in civil recovery action being taken.

Dropping cigarettes is classed as littering. To avoid penalties use litter bins with built-in ashtrays.

Make an online payment for a FPN or PCN

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