Additional cleaning services

Helping us to keep Wandsworth clean

Together with our street cleaning contractors we are working to keep Wandsworth clean. 

If you live or work in the borough, help to keep your street tidy by storing and arranging collection of your rubbish properly and by reporting any problems to us as soon as possible.

Scavenging animals

Waste left out overnight can attract foxes and vermin who split the sacks and cause litter spillage. If this happens, it's your responsibility to clear it up promptly.

Keep pests away by putting tied refuse sacks in a bin with a clip-on lid.


Some of our biggest problems are caused by businesses who dump their rubbish illegally on the street or by flytippers. We need your help to catch these offenders.

The council will fine or prosecute anyone responsible for dumping rubbish in the street. Any vehicles used for flytipping can be seized and destroyed.

  • If you see anyone dumping rubbish in the street call Waste Enforcement on 020 8871 8558. If possible, take note of the vehicle type and registration number.
  • Don't pay anyone to collect your rubbish unless they have a waste carriers notice. Check with the Environment Agency on 0800 807 060.

Dropping cigarettes

Dropping cigarettes is classed as littering. To avoid penalties use litter bins with built-in ashtrays. 

Further information and getting involved

Keep Britain Tidy is an independent environmental charity, which campaigns for people's right to live and work in a place of which they can be proud, focussing on litter. 

Capital Clean-up is a partnership campaign led by the Mayor of London as part of his Team London volunteering programme to help Londoners green and clean our city through community engagement and participation. Find out how to get involved or apply for a grant.

You can also get involved with:

Or you can become a Litter Hero.

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