Waste Penalty Charge Notices

Summary of grounds to appeal a littering from vehicles PCN

(a) that you

(i)  never were the owner of the vehicle in question

(ii) had stopped being its owner before the date on which the Penalty Charge was alleged to have become payable or

(iii) became its owner after that date.

(b) that no person inside the vehicle acted in contravention of Section 87 Environmental Protection Act 1990 (offence of leaving litter);

(c) that at the time the alleged contravention took place the person who was in control of the vehicle was in control of the vehicle without the consent of the owner;

(d) (except in the case of a pedicab) that the recipient is a vehicle-hire firm and:

(i) the vehicle in question was at the time hired out under a vehicle hiring agreement; and

(ii) the person hiring it had signed a statement of liability acknowledging his liability in respect of any PCN issued in respect of the vehicle during the currency if the hiring agreement; or

(e) that the Penalty Charge exceeded the amount applicable in the circumstances of the case.

Whether or not any of the grounds apply, you can also make representations on the grounds that there are compelling reasons why we should cancel the Penalty Charge and refund any monies paid.

Read in full the grounds on which representations may be made under the Act.