Waste Penalty Charge Notices

The appeal process

Consideration of your appeal

We will consider your appeal/representation and any supporting evidence that you may supply. Appeals made outside of the 28 day period starting from the date of issue ("the representation period") may be disregarded.

Results of appeals

We must respond to a representation with 56 days of receiving it. If this deadline passes without a response then you can assume we have accepted your grounds for appeal and the PCN will be cancelled.

Notes of rejection

If the appeal is not accepted we must issue a "notice of rejection" that must:

  • State the reason for rejection addressing and explaining clearly all points raised in the appeal.
  • State that a Charge Certificate may be issued unless payment is received within a further 28 days, or an appeal is made to an adjudicator.
  • Advise what forms appeals to independent adjudicators should take.
  • Indicate the nature of the adjudicator's power to to award costs against either party 

Independent adjudicators

Following the rejection of representations made to the council an appeal application form will be included with each letter of rejections. Appeals should be made to the independent adjudicators within 28 days of service of the notice of rejection of representations/appeal.

For more information or to appeal online, view the London Tribunals website.

Or send to:

London Tribunals
PO BOX 530
M33 0FP