Citizenship ceremony

If your application for British Citizenship has been successful, the Home Office will send you a letter inviting you to attend a Citizenship ceremony. We hold Citizenship ceremonies every week at Wandsworth Town Hall.

You must attend your ceremony within three months of receiving your letter.

Group ceremonies can be booked online. If you would prefer to attend a private ceremony call 020 8871 6120. An additional fee is payable for a private ceremony. 

During the ceremony you will need to:

  • Take either the oath or affirmation
  • Say the pledge of loyalty to the UK

Taking the oath means that you will be swearing to God. If you do not want to swear to God, you can take the affirmation which has no religious words.

At the end of your ceremony you will be presented with a naturalisation certificate. You can then use this to apply for your British passport.

What you need

You must bring:

  • The invitation letter from the Home Office, and
  • Photo ID (your passport or photo driving licence)

Group ceremonies


Grand Chamber, Wandsworth Town Hall, Wandsworth High Street, London, SW18 2PU.


6pm (if you arrive after 6.15pm you may need to rebook).


You may bring two guests.


There is free parking at the back of the Town Hall (turn right on Wandsworth High Street just before the Civic Suite).

Private ceremonies

If you would prefer to have a private ceremony during the day, please call us on 020 8871 6120 to arrange your booking.


Wandsworth Register Office.


£100 for one person and £150 for couples and families.

Time and dates available

Tuesday to Friday, 9am or 4pm.


Up to eight guests.


Not available.


Professional photographs are taken during the group ceremonies. You can purchase your photographs from Click Print Photos.

Naturalisation certificates

Naturalisation certificates are issued by the Home Office. If there is a mistake on your certificate, or you need to have a duplicate reissued, you can order a replacement certificate on GOV.UK.

It's important to remember that your certificate is a legal document. You cannot laminate it or alter it in any way. This will result in the certificate becoming invalid.

Requesting a transfer to a different local authority

If you would like to have your ceremony in a different council, you will need to contact the Home Office and ask for a transfer request. If the transfer is approved, you will be contacted by the Home Office to arrange your ceremony.