Correct a Marriage or Civil Partnership certificate

Correct a marriage certificate

If an error is discovered on a marriage certificate, it may be possible for a correction to be made. This process is used when incorrect information is given unknowingly.

A correction cannot be made in the case of a person changing their mind about the information that was originally given.

The majority of corrections will need to be referred to the General Register Office (GRO), although some corrections can be completed locally.

What you need

In order to apply for a correction, an application form needs to be completed stating what the error is and how it was made.

Documentary evidence showing the correct information will need to be produced in order for the correction to be authorised. Information on what will be accepted as documentary evidence can be found in the guidance notes.

Please state in the form whether you want to go to the Register Office to witness the correction, or if you are happy for it to be without you there.

Where to apply

An application can be made directly to GRO or at the local Register Office where the marriage registration is held.

If an application is made through the local Register Office the original documents can be photocopied and certified.

You can also make your application through us by bringing the completed form and documentary evidence to the Register Office from Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm.


  • £7 to £10 for a new certificate (depending on whether the register is in use or archived)

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