About the Wandsworth Grant Fund

Design of the new fund

The Wandsworth Grant Fund brought former schemes together with a view to developing a more consistent and coordinated approach to awarding small grants offered by the council.

The new fund corresponded to grants previously referred to as:

  • Wandsworth Big Society Fund
  • Arts Grants (Four funding streams: Small Art, Creative Communities, Project Arts and Cultural Capacity Grants)
  • Youth Service Community Grant
  • Children and Young People‚Äôs Plan Small Grant
  • Wandsworth ECO Fund

The funding available for 2015-2016 was £396,500, the same as for these combined schemes in 2014-2015.

The new Wandsworth Grant fund does not include the Youth Opportunity Fund, because the decision-making panel is made up of young representative members from the community.

The design and implementation of the Wandsworth Grant Fund is led by the Economic Development Office, and is supported by a WGF Development Group consisting of relevant council officers. 

Development of the new Wandsworth Grant Fund is guided by a Statement of Principles.


Bidding round Bidding round open
Round 5 1 March 2017 18 April 2017

If you still have a current project operating that will finish this financial year, carry on liaising with the officer you have been in contact with.

Thank you to all of those that have submitted applications and delivered small grant projects on behalf of Wandsworth Council.

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