Grants for the community and voluntary sector

The Fund is currently closed and is not accepting any new applications. The next Round will open in September.

Wandsworth Grant Fund

Established in April 2015, the Wandsworth Grant Fund (WGF) provides all small grants (£500 - £10,000) for community and voluntary sector organisations in the borough. Read more about the Wandsworth Grant Fund.

What we support

We aim to support projects under six themes:
  1. Arts and culture
  2. Environment and attractive neighbourhoods
  3. Children and young people
  4. Citizenship and civic engagement
  5. Achieving aspirations and potential
  6. Health and well-being

Advice for applicants

Council Officers are available to provide advice to applicants with a clear activity in mind after you have read the application pack. You can email any of the Specialist Officers detailed in the Guidance notes or contact the Grant Officer with general enquiries. Appointments can be made with the Grant Officer subject to other commitments.

General enquiries

If you have a question regarding applications, email

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More information

Find out more about our approach to designing the new Wandsworth Grant Fund by clicking the link below. We will add the guidance notes and application form when the bidding round is open.