Communal wheeled rubbish and recycling containers

Container hire

Where we collect rubbish and recycling in large wheeled waste containers, we can supply the containers too. 

If you are a managing agent of domestic premises with five or more households you can hire or buy rubbish and recycling containers for the residents. 

If you live on a council managed housing estate and want rubbish and recycling containers you should contact your area team.

How much waste storage capacity is needed?


Domestic premises must hire or buy enough wheeled containers to ensure that each household has refuse storage capacity of at least: 
  • 150 litres where the bins are emptied once a week 
  • 90 litres where the bins are emptied twice a week 
  • 70 litres where the bins are emptied three times a week

All collections are weekly except where more frequent collections have been provided historically. 


Recycling is collected weekly. The minimum recycling storage capacity per household is 70 litres. 

New residential developments

Where waste containers are required for a new development it is important that any bin stores intended for wheeled containers are suitable for them. In particular, waste collection vehicles should be able to wait within 10 metres of the bin store and there must be a smooth and level route, including a dropped kerb if required, to enable the container to be wheeled from pavement to road level safely.

Container hire and charges

We offer five types of wheeled containers for hire

Containers are provided under a hire agreement and charges apply. 

  • cover the cost of washing refuse bins once a year and any maintenance to address normal wear and tear that may be needed.
  • apply to all private premises using large wheeled bins provided by us for rubbish and mixed recycling.
  • Containers are not fitted with towing hitches and are normally hired by the premises manager, not individual occupants.

Hire period

Containers are hired annually and invoiced yearly in advance.

An agreement can be terminated early. A refund will be payable on a pro-rata basis once the bin has been removed.

Hire a wheeled waste container

If the wheeled container(s) is requested for a new location a site visit will be required. 

You should contact us to arrange the site visit. 

Site visits are usually carried out within two weeks of request.

If your application is successful you will be sent a hire agreement form.

Complete and return the hire agreement form to us by post.

Containers normally take two weeks to install.

How to pay

An invoice will be issued upon installation of the containers.

Your invoice can be paid:

  • Online
  • By phone using a credit/debit card on 0800 021 7763
  • By post - attach your hire agreement form to your cheque made payable to Wandsworth Council. You should not send money in the post. 

Purchase wheeled waste containers

You can buy containers privately instead of hiring them from us. Any purchased container must:

  • Have steel bodies and hinged lid
  • Be suitable for "comb" lifting (the standard lifting mechanism on a dustcart)
  • Conform to the British Standard BS EN 840-3:2004
  • Be labelled "household waste only"
  • Be of at least 660 litres capacity 

In addition, any recycling containers must:

  • Have black bodies and orange lids
  • Be clearly labelled using the nationally recognised icons developed by the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) to show the materials that can be put inside - we can supply suitable stickers free of charge (subject to stocks)

To ensure that we can provide reliable collections, privately-owned containers must be kept in a serviceable condition. We cannot be held responsible for any wear and tear or damage to bins that may occur during the emptying process.

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