Communal recycling banks

Orange-lidded recycling banks

Using orange-lidded recycling banks

If you are using large, communal bins for your rubbish, you should also have an orange-lidded bank nearby for recycling certain materials.

You should rinse any food remains from containers before recycling and deposit any materials loose (not in plastic bags).

Request orange-lidded recycling banks

If you use large, communal bins for your rubbish and don't have an orange-lidded recycling bank close to your home, you should ask the premise manager to hire or purchase one or contact us with their details.

We can supply orange-lidded recycling banks in two sizes: 1280 litres (for up to 18 flats) or 660 litres (for up to 9 flats).  

Before installation, we may need to check that the ground surface and access for collection vehicles is suitable.

Order re-usable orange recycling bags

You can order a re-usable orange bag to help you collect and carry your recycling to the bank. We can also arrange a bulk delivery to the caretaker's or estate manager's office.

Contact us to order a re-usable orange recycling bag. 

We do not supply single-use, clear recycling sacks to residents using the orange-lidded banks. However, premise managers can contact us to buy these at a charge. The cost is £62.50 for 30 rolls of 30 sacks.

This can be helpful at blocks where caretaking staff take waste to the bins on behalf of residents. 

Request charity textile recycling banks

If there is space, the premise manager can also request a charity textile recycling bank. These can be provided by:

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