Rubbish and recycling collection for businesses

We have a duty to collect commercial waste if requested and must charge for this service. Our charges apply to both waste and recycling collections.

Recycling collections cover mixed paper, card, glass bottles and jars, cans, food/drinks cartons and plastic bottles, pots tubs and trays.  

Requests should be made in writing to:
Waste Services Team
Ground Floor, Tadmore House
Frogmore Complex
SW18 1EY

We strongly advise that you get quotes from privately operating licenced waste carriers to check which can offer you the best service at an acceptable price. Find a business waste collection service.


Type of container Annual cost (one collection per week) Annual service charge  Annual container hire charge
Per sack  £382.50  £124.50  n/a
Euro bin (1100 litres)  £5,112  £124.50  £238.50
Paladin or similar bin  £4,668  £124.50  £163 
770 litre bin
 £3,625  £124.50  £163 
660 litre bin  £3,093  £124.50  £163 
360 litre bin  £1,665  £124.50  £163 
240 litre bin £1,098 £124.50  £163

All prices are valid until 31 March 2020. These prices are exclusive of VAT.

Commercial waste regulations

If you place commercial waste on the street for collection you must comply with our commercial waste regulations.

If you do not follow these regulations you may be fined.