When your commercial waste can be collected

Time band restrictions on commercial waste on pavements

Rubbish and recycling can be either collected from inside your business premises or from the street. If collected from the streets, waste has to be collected within certain time bands depending on what area your business is located.

Time banding

Time bands operate for two hour periods each morning and evening in Town Centres and on main roads.

View the location of time bands and operational hours.

Please be aware that location of time bands provided on this map are approximate and intended for guidance only.

Area Time band (am)
Time band (pm)
Balham 10am to 12 noon 10pm to 12 midnight
Battersea 9am to 11am 9pm to 11pm
Earlsfield  10am to 12 noon  10pm to 12 midnight 
9am to 11am 9pm to 11pm
St John's Hill 9am to 11am 9pm to 11pm
Tooting 10am to 12 noon
10pm to 12 midnight
Wandsworth 9am to 11am 9pm to 11pm

Download banding regulations and details for your town centre.


If you leave your rubbish outside of the allocated time you could be issued with a fine of £110.

Failure to pay the fine within 28 days doubles the charge to £220 and potentially a civil court summons.