Healthcare waste

Non-domestic clinical waste

We collect clinical waste from domestic households only

Where healthcare is provided within the home, any waste produced in the course of this treatment is assumed to be infectious and is therefore clinical waste unless it has been specifically assessed.

Any such waste is the responsibility of the healthcare service provider, who should make appropriate arrangements for its collection and disposal. This waste should not be left for the resident or council to deal with, although it can be left in the patient's home with their permission if appropriate arrangements for its collection have been made in advance.


Businesses producing healthcare waste must provide a declaration as to whether the waste is hazardous, and if so must provide a hazardous waste consignment note under the provision of the Hazardous Waste (England) Regulations 2005.

Hazardous waste producers are reminded that in most circumstances they will need to register their premises annually with the Environment Agency.

More information

Details on registered waste carriers supplying clinical waste collection services locally.


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